£10 discount on export, import and Transit declarations

The customs declarations for ECC members will route via the central Consortium’s advanced software. The software automates a lot of the customs entry that is normally done manually, hence the discount.

Your location listed on our Authorised Consignor status

Listing your location on our Authorised Consignor status will mean that for dedicated shipments to Europe, we will be able to start “transit” and issue the driver with his TAD (Transport Accompanying Document) at your location. This will save both time and money.

An audit of your current customs readiness resulting in an action plan

We’ll carry out a telephone audit with all our newly signed up ECC members to make sure they are Brexit ready.

Access to your own 24/7/365 customs clearance facility

Trucks don’t always get loaded between 9 and 5pm. ECC members will be able to submit shipment data 24/7/365 to create a customs entry. Any issues with an out-of hours entry will be picked up by a team of customs clerks working shifts.

Access to a European network of customs clearance agents

We will be able to put ECC members and their EU customers or suppliers in touch with a European network of customs agents to help clear goods into the EU or start the EU export to the UK.

Verify your master data on the Consortium’s IT system

Members will be able to populate their master data into the Consortium’s IT system well in advance of the deadline. The data will be verified and discrepancies communicated back to you.

Trial runs of customs declarations to CHIEF for your shipments pre 1st January 2021

No-one in the customs world is offering this. If you provide us with some shipment data, we’ll make dummy entries into CHIEF. Any discrepancies with your entries will again be communicated to you.

A solution for EU Fiscal Representation

If your EU customers are insisting on DDP and / or you have high volumes of full loads to the EU, fiscal representation could be a cost-effective solution. We have partnered with a market-leading company providing fiscal representation in all EU member states

A monthly Brexit webinar from October to December 2020

ECC members will have exclusive access to 3 pre-Brexit webinars covering many important topics such as INCO terms, rules of origin, WTO rules, Transit and the replacement for TSP.

A bi-monthly Customs / Brexit update webinar in 2021

We’ll share all our learnings, tips and advice from the first 2 months post Brexit in a webinar in February / March for Consortium members.

Important Brexit & Customs alert emails as they happen

Things can change daily as far as Brexit is concerned. Our ECC email alert will keep you up to date with all the latest developments.

Freedom to take control of customs declarations for ALL your shipments

Consortium members will be able to upload shipment data into our system even if we are not handling the physical movement of the freight for you.

The most up-to-date Brexit customs advice from “Mr UK Brexit”, Robert Hardy

Robert is without doubt the most highly regarded and knowledgeable spokesperson in the UK on Brexit customs. You’ll have access to him via us as a result of your ECC membership.

Assistance in applying for deferment accounts, customs guarantees and more

We’ll advise and help members apply for the above guarantees and authorisations if they need them. Most customs consultants have been charging £800-£1000 per day to help companies do this.

Auditable reports to support traceability of your customs declarations to meet all HMRC legal requirements

UK exporters will need to provide proof of export to HMRC to zero rate the VAT. Members will have access to these reports.

Book a call with our Brexit lead, Tony Shally MD to discuss any specific customs query

Important Brexit and customs information will be covered in the webinars. Tony will also be available only to members for additional information and queries.

Speak to our Customs Clearance Expert

Geoff Yates

DD: 01543 412306

M: 07936 956610